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No skill or experience is necessary.



Goodwood Primary school, Holidays at MAC (Moonah Art Center)

From 21 Nov – 14 Dec 2019, radio queens Sisters Akousmatica inhabited the Moonah Arts Centre courtyard with their custom transmission vehicle.

They invited YOU to broadcast the sounds of Moonah with them: your voices, your stories, your sounds, your airwaves, your community.

The workshops took place in October and November 2019 and were structured according to the skill level and needs of each group.

  • Develop the skills to present your own radio show live-to-air (this includes interviewing, presenting live sound, or talk radio)
  • Develop the skills to make your own radio program for pre-recording.
  • Have Sisters Akousmatica lead your group through exercises to create content which will be made into a program for you.



Explore the magic of electromagnetic forces with Dr Julia Drouhin and Phillipa Stafford.

Play with radios and make noise – build yourself a network for radical communication.  Work with the Radio Queens to record a radio broadcast and build a simple FM radio kit and take it home with you!

All levels of technical knowledge encouraged, even none. Materials provided.

Transmit Yourself workshops are a creative development program as part of Sisters Akousmatica’s 2020 Junction work, Brum Brum, carrying on from their 2019 projects Cutting Laps (Castlemaine State Festival) and MCR (Moonah Arts Centre), Brum Brum is a live transmission project situated in a shit-box car.  Across the 2020 Junction Festival Sisters Akousmatica will be taking on the grand tradition of the Launceston blockie – broadcasting new radio works from artists and community members daily from their car.


Adelaide Tambo Public Library, Bloemfontein, South Africa : 10:30>13:00, Wednesday 4th July 2018, free

Out Of Space Radio for Kids with Julia Drouhin


Salamanca Art Center, Hobart, Tasmania : 10 – 12 am, Tuesday 16 January 2018, $25 + BF

For KIDS: On AIR workshop with Julia Drouhin : how to make your own FM radio receiver and play with your voice. All Materials provided.


Collaborative map @ACCA, Melbourne, 2 – 4pm, Sunday 7 January 2018

Make your own map of women in the sonic arts with Sisters Akousmatica at the Round Table, ACCA. This informal discussion and cartographic workshop explores feminism and the sonic arts, using Hilde Anne Neset’s essay “Tangled Cartography” as a starting point, and aims to create a diverse, inclusive and less western-centric understanding of women and sound art.


FREE WORKSHOP @Norma Redpath House, Melbourne, 1 – 4 pm, Saturday 6 January 2018 (part of Doing Feminism / Sharing the world)

Transmit Yourself with Sisters Akousmatica (Julia Drouhin and Phillipa Stafford)

Build narrowcasting FM and crystal transmitters from kits, minerals and home detritus. Play with radios, rocks and make noise – build yourself a network for radical communication. Sisters Akousmatica will assist you with soldering and cups of tea. All levels of technical knowledge encouraged, even none. Materials provided. Optional: bring your own radio (AM or FM).

About Sisters Akousmatica 

Sisters Akousmatica is the expanded radio project of Julia Drouhin and Pip Stafford. They have worked with artists and communities in Tasmania, mainland Australia and worldwide to transmit ideas, stories and sounds.