Sisters Akousmatica 2019 CUTTING LAPS combined car culture and radio art for a series of transmission for Castlemaine State Festival 2019, commissioned by Latrobe Art Institute.

Sisters Akousmatica 2018 XYL was presented in partnership with Mona Foma 2018 and assisted through Arts Tasmania Artist Investment Program 2017 for delivery by the Minister for the Arts.

ACCA welcomed Make your own map of women and the sonic arts at the Round Table. This informal discussion and cartographic workshop explores feminism and the sonic arts, using Hilde Anne Neset’s essay “Tangled Cartography” as a starting point, and aims to create a diverse, inclusive and less western-centric understanding of women and sound art.

Doing Feminism / Sharing the world) welcomed Transmit Yourself workshop to build narrowcasting FM and crystal transmitters from kits, minerals and home detritus + a talk with Norie Neumark.

Sisters Akousmatica Radio! got commissioned by RADIO 33, a project by Tricky Walsh.


Sisters Akousmatica received support of ADHOCRACY 2017, Adelaide, to investigate mysterious radio broadcasts known as “the Silent Key”.

Sisters Akousmatica NM, SK got commissioned by RADIOPHRENIA 2017.

Sisters Akousmatica received support of Arts Tasmania Artist Investment Program 2016 for development by the Minister for the Arts.

The creation of Sisters Akousmatica was developed through Next Wave’s Emerging Curators Program with Liquid Architecture for Next Wave Festival 2016.

The project is presented in association with Signal and 3CR and has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body, City of Melbourne and The Channel.

Sisters Akousmatica and 3CR were awarded the CBAA Excellence in Music Programming award at the 2017 CBAA Conference.

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