Women*, Art and Feminism in Australia since 1970
4-5.30pm 22 February 2018 Founders Gallery
Meta-fiction as a site for re-examining the role of women and gender diverse people in radio and sound art

ICMA Array publication: feminist practice in computer music
Sisters Akousmatica: Agoradios for Little-Heard Voices

NM, SK : book for The People’s Library (A groundswell of public tellings), a project by Justy Phillips and Margaret Woodward of A Published Event, presented in partnership with Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart,Tasmania

RealTime Arts – Hearken (prêter l’oreille): a playlist by Sisters Akousmatica

Writing Around Sound #3 – The Contemporary Sound Object – Auricle
Sisters Akousmatica: Collective object of the invisible