Moonah Community Radio

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21 November – 14 December 2019

Live opening event in partnership with HOBIENNALE 2019 

Michelle Maynard, Dani Kirby and Matt Ward, Wes Miles.

21 November from 6pm at Moonah Art Centre 


Lisa Busby (Scotland), Maia Koenig (Argentina), Sarah Mashman (Australia), Nicola Morton (Asia/Australia), Annika Moses (Australia), Sally Rees (Australia), Carolyn Schofield (Vietnam/Australia), Helene Thomas (Australia), Sista Zai (Zimbabwe/Australia)

Moonah Community Radio temporary community radio station

Moonah Arts Centre, Tasmania, produced by Sisters Akousmatica.

The four-week radio transmission broadcast 46 hours of new radio art commissions, live and pre-recorded community content through workshops and selections from an international open call (100 submissions+).

Thanks to Alexandra Spence, Alexis Weaver, Amanda Brannin, Anita Babalon(Voice of the Roof), Anne-Line Drocourt, Annie Abrahams, Antonio J. Martin, Arif et Bibichka, Nisa Africa, BOUNCY BOYS, Cam Phillips, Chun Liang Liu, Claire Serres, Colin Black, Not So Silent school choir led by Betsy and Mat, Cristina Artoni, Danae Le Guennic, Dani Kirby, Denni Proctor, Dexter Rosengrave, Dinah Bird, Dot tape dot, Elena Zieser, Elina Waage Mikalsen, Emmanuelle Gibello, ERA GELDES aka Ana Berkenhoff , Favour Economy (Paula Do Prado, Julie Dowling, Kate Brown, Stella Chen, Nikki Lam, Candy Bowers, Charmaine Cole, Bronwen Williams, Dancia Knezevic, Danling Xiao), Francesca da Rimini, Francesco Recchia, Gabi Schaffner, Gabriel Lemos, Gary Wilkinson, Goodwood Primary School students, Hannah Bowden, Hannah and Miranda Sisters Show, Iris Garrelfs, Isabelle Field, 60 Seconds Radio (Canada), Jacques van Zyl, Jasmina Al-Qaisi+Ralf Wendt+Andreea Bellu+Matei Bellu+Natalia Acevedo-Ferreira+Maria Karpushina+Elisabeth Rändel (live from Berlin), Jen Kutler, Jiieh Hur, Jim Cheff, Joan Schuman, Joel Roberts, Jonathan Frigeri, Kala Pierson, Kate Donovan, Katharina Schmidt, Katie Currie, Linda Dement, OOR_Scintilla, Lukas Simonis (Worm Amsterdam), Lukasz Horbow, Maarechaal Puuutain, The Brain Radio Show, Moonah Art Center holidays workshop participants, Macin Olejniczak, Marie-Lys Polchlopek, Matt Warren, Mikal Fikaris, Miyuki Jokiranta, Nancy Mauro-Flude, Nathan Grey, Nicholas Smithies, Nicolas Montgermont, Niki Matita, Norie Neumark, EAYR OURFAN (Freya Edmondes & Nour Sokhon), Octave Broutard, Paul McNally, Ralph Lewis, Rena Anakwe, Reuben Ingall, Sam Scholfield, Sebastian Pafundo, Sonya Radmeyer, Sophia Thalis, Sophie Berger, Raumerweiterungshalle, Tarek X, Tiff Norchick, Trihn Lo, Vincent Henderson, Second Echo Ensemble, Reboot FM / Diana McCarty (Berlin-discussion with Que Kenny, Rachel O’Reilly and Red Hair Crow about the film INFRACTIONS), Josh Santospirito, Virginia Barratt, XXXL (Okuesha, Milkffish and royal hg) for sharing their special radio contributions.

Thanks to all visitors who spoke live on air or draw on the BrumFM vehicule of transmission and special guests Emma Porteus, Julie Waddington, Brian Richie, Ruth Langford, Emily Sanzaro, Richie Cyngler, David Osborne (West Side Stories), Glen Murray, Natalie De Vito, Paige Turner, Vincent and Justin Giles-Clark (REAST), DRILL dancers, Helen Morrison (Hobart FM), Sarah Mashman, HB19 BOOMALLI NOW artists, Matthew Fargher, School Strike for Climate protesters, Rebecca Holmes, X-Press Hour’s members of Mosaic Support Services (Mornington), Edge Radio 99.3FM-Hannah Rogers (Echo Lunch), Saffire Grant (Fem Fest, Hard Rubbish), Mark Watterson (Karadi) for sharing live thoughts.

Photos/videos by Rebecca Thomson



Annika Moses is an emerging sound artist based on Whadjuk Noongar land, in Perth, Western Australia. With a background in folk music and a fascination with the voice, her practice intersects text-based composition, radio arts, and seeks electronic/weird-pop/alternative-folk housings for vocal explorations under various monikers. Her work for Moonah Community Radio [ Listen to the distance between us ] will gather the voices of a continent-wide community choir performing with thousands of kilometres between them. The work coordinates the simultaneous performance of participants dispersed across Australia. Participants are invited to create noisy and inharmonic dialogues, sing with the buzzing of static in their voice-boxes, and form a national sisterhood of radio-song. ⁠ ⁠

Composed by Annika Moses, performed by… you?

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Moonah Community Radio is supported by Pi-node (France), Moonah Arts Centre, REAST ( Radio and Electronics Association of Southern Tasmania), Regional Arts Tasmania and the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.