Super Occult Cosmophon

Super Occult Cosmophon will scribble your listening at the Make It Up Club for their 20th Anniversary, 09.01.2018.  


Super Occult Cosmophon : The Last Bastion, curated by Brendan Walls, Dark Mofo 2017, Salamanca Art Center, Hobart, Tasmania (photo Rebecca Thomson). Sisters Akousmatica Cassette launch, LongPlay, Melbourne, Victoria, 2017. The Grand Poobah, Hobart, Tasmania, 2016. First release for Radiophrenia 2015 (Poster design by Oliver Pitt). AGPicks and The Channel, Melbourne, Victoria, 2016 (photo Keelan O’ Hehir). Visual Bulk ARI opening, Hobart, Tasmania, 2015. The Tote, Melbourne, Victoria, 2015 (photo Keelan O’ Hehir).