SUPER OCCULT COSMOPHON is a never-rehearsed improvised collaboration by artists, curators and mothers Pip Stafford and Julia Drouhin. Utilising the most primitive radio technology, amplified mineral samples, lovingly re-kindled transistor parts and looped sources in acts of sound divination and occult listening, this dazzling duo in touch with worlds of static and beyond conjuring delicate spirit noises and unleash domestic imps. Personal noise made by two friends who are a visible manifestation of Tasmanian sound maker coven who like cake and gin.

SUPER OCCULT COSMOPHON scribbled your listening @

10.02.2018 Visual Bulk 2nd Anniversary, Hobart, Tasmania

09.01.2018 Make It Up Club 20th Anniversary, Melbourne, Victoria, photo Tim Panaretos and Maria Miranda

16.06.2017, The Last Bastion, curated by Brendan Walls, Salamanca Art Center, Dark Mofo, photo Rebecca Thomson

08.05.2017 Sisters Akousmatica Cassette launch, LongPlay, Melbourne, Victoria, photo Tim Panaretos

09.08.2016 The Grand Poobah, Hobart, Tasmania

10.11.2017 Commission and exclusive first release of Super Occult Cosmophon for Radiophrenia, poster by Oliver Pitt, also shared on Radio Space, a radio art platform initiated by Borealis, a festival for experimental music in Bergen, Norway, 06.03.2017

18.03.2016 AGPicks  + The Channel, 17.03.2018, Melbourne, Victoria, 2016, photo Keelan O’ Hehir

10.12.2015 Visual Bulk ARI opening, Hobart, Tasmania,

27.09.2015 Liquid Architecture, Ritual Community Music, The Tote, Melbourne, Victoria, photo Keelan O’ Hehir