Radio 33 Commission

Sisters Akousmatica Radio!

This is our starting point: a world where the contribution of women to radio is status-quo, where the secrets of the Heaviside are ours alone. We create connections between radio artists now and radio artists then, between grains of sand and the ocean.

Waves are Waves. Static. A needle across a dial. Signals everywhere. On everything. Pinging up and bouncing back. Waves make Waves. There are secrets to be had on radio: messages that are both public and private. Espionage happens on air waves, and teenagers request songs for secret loves.

Top 40/spy story.

#radioobsession #nooneleftbehind #wavesarewaves #static #spy #knittingsecrets #ocean #sand #scale #femmescorsaires #signal #ghostscores #public #private #invasion #women #love #sistersakousmatica

Sisters Akousmatica would like to thank Tricky Walsh, Hobiennale, #soundcamp participants and supporters) Camilla Hannan, Sally Ann Mc Intyre, Georgia Lucy, Sarah Mashman, Dani Kirby, Warren Hankey, Jane Cotton). Celeste Oram, Vera Wyse Munro, Roisin Madigan O’Reilly,, Felicity Ford.

Sisters Akousmatica Radio! Sounds : M.E.S.S., MOOG, field recordings from Lisdillon edited by Sarah Mashman, field recording of a Vera Pulsar from the Mount Pleasant Radio Observatory.

This project was assisted through the Arts Tasmania Artist Investment Program by the Minister for the Arts and was commissioned for The Curated Shelf and Radio 33: Northland and Intraference, as part of Hobiennale 2017.

ARTISTS: Eloise Kirk + Radio 33: Sarah Jones, Dani Kirby, Sally-Ann MacIntyre, Julia Drouhin, Pip Stafford

CURATORS: Kylie Johnson, Cath Robinson and Tricky Walsh

The Curated Shelf joined with Radio 33 to present a program of two complementary projects involving female artists that focus on the sampling of external and ready-made materials. The Radio 33 program consists of sound works composed of both newly formed sound and sourced sound, including historical recordings and field recordings from nature. The Radio 33 program provides an accompaniment to Eloise Kirk’s artworks, in their shared philosophical concerns of assemblage and collage – to construct new works with reference to the existing world. Kirk composes fragmented, nostalgic and mysterious imagery that is both connected to and displaced from its original context, and is sensitive to the idea that thought will embrace a geological space in such a way that, regardless if it is real or fictional, this space becomes a product of human thought.

The Curated Shelf is a space for the production and dissemination of art and ideas. Operating through an itinerant and flexible curatorial model the organisation develops and presents exhibitions, projects, products and events in collaboration with artists at various locations in Tasmania and beyond. The Curated Shelf is Kylie Johnson, Cath Robinson and Sarah Ryan.

Radio 33 (TAS) is a micro-broadcasting station and ephemeral gallery space developed by Tricky Walsh. The focus of the initiative is on sound-based artworks by women and non-binary artists, propagated emergency broadcast style – 24 hours a day for 21 days per session.